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What We Offer
Have a bank or credit union with multiple locations that purchase products? Need a simple yet effective way to see and manage the order requests from these multiple locations?

Man at the ComputerThe Snowman Direct Shopping System allows you to establish users, authorize order approvals and specify user rules to control and manage purchasing.

In addition, the Snowman Direct Shopping System allows customers to:

  • Establish individual spending limits and authorize order approvers to control, change and manage user orders.
  • Increase spending visibility at the user, branch or corporate level with real time dashboards.
  • Reduce supply expense using pre-approved Personal Product Lists.
  • Create and apply personal product lists to specified users to ensure purchase of approved products with negotiated special pricing.
  • Flag all non-contract purchases and require administrative approval to better enforce contract compliance.
  • Increase efficiency using automated purchasing process. Implement an e-mail notification system that continually alerts your team with order status to streamline purchasing across multiple facilities and branches
  • Track shipments, review status of recently placed orders, print, and review history.

The Snowman Direct Shopping System is free, easy to set up and even easier to maintain. It can be implemented in as little as one day.